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School District Estimated 2019 Tax Rate and Levy

At the Regular Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12, CFO Bob Beckwith gave the Board of Education a preliminary review of the 2019 Tax Levy information.The amount the school district can levy is calculated by multiplying equalized assessed valuation (EAV) and the tax rate. The equalized assessed valuation is determined by County Assessor and is available each fall.
The 2019 EAV for the District is estimated at $557,895,935 representing an increase of .81% over the 2018 EAV of $553,403,354. Mr. Beckwith recommended an estimated tax rate of $5.3575, based on the estimated EAV of $575,000,000. The estimated rate is less than the 2018 rate of $5.3732.
The total estimated levy, $30,805,625 represents an increase of 3.60% over the 2018 levy of $29,735,469.
A hearing is scheduled for Board of Education Regular Meeting on December 10. The board will vote on the tax rate and levy at the December 10 after the hearing.